Push Pole Foot


This Push Pole Foot is made of a durable, rugged polypropylene. This push pole foot comes with the purchase of a Superstick Push Pole.

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Push Pole Foot by Superstick®

  • >  This Push Pole Foot is made of a durable, rugged polypropylene
  • >  Can be attached to your Superstick Push Pole and removed with the press of a button
  • >  Base allows it to be used on hard or soft bottoms
  • >  Retractable Decoy Retriever | Lure Retriever

This push pole foot is custom designed and will only fit Superstick push poles. It has a wider sole than a traditional  foot and provides more surface area for softer bottoms. It also has good edges that allow you to hold to the bottom while push poling in strong currents or windy conditions. Therefore, it provides a better, safer poling experience.


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Additional information

Weight .5 lbs

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