Push Pole or Shallow Water Anchor Pin- Which to buy?

First, thank you for considering buying our products. Our push poles and shallow water anchors are proudly made in the USA by US citizens with components that are made in the USA!

The shallow water anchor is specifically an anchor. The 5/8″ is more suitable for a smaller jon boat, flats boat or shallow water skiff (under 17 ft), kayak, or stand up paddle board SUP.  The 3/4″ diameter (perfect as a Power-Pole Micro Anchor Micro Spike) is more suitable for a duck boat, flats boats, or bay boat up to 22 feet. (The smaller 5/8” diameter is easier to “stake” into the bottom than 3/4″ in sandy conditions.) Either work well in soft mud, silty mud, or soft sand. Neither works well in compacted sand.

The primary use of a push pole is for pushing your boat in shallow water. Superstick Telescoping Push Poles are extremely versatile and can be a life-saving tool for getting your boat or kayak out of an area where you could be stranded. Our push poles can also be used as a shallow water anchor (only in the fully collapsed position- see Push Pole User Instructions) and it can be accessorized with a paddle, gig, net, boat brush, and more. The only accessories we offer are the Paddle and Universal Attachment.

Both the push poles and shallow water anchors work well for shallow water anchoring in soft bottoms. The shallow water anchor can be used in some hard bottoms where the push pole’s larger diameter can prevent it from penetrating the bottom.