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Telescoping Push Pole Product Dimensions

Superstick 6-12: Collapsed without duck foot= 73 1/2″, Collapsed with duck foot= 78 1/2″, Fully extended with duck foot= 11’5 1/2″. (Measurements may vary +- 1/2″) Superstick 9-17: Collapsed without duck foot= 8′ 10 3/4″, Collapsed with duck foot= 9′ 11 1/2″, Fully extended with duck foot= 16′ 6 1/2″. (Measurements may vary +- 1/2″) Both the […]

Can Water Get Between The Telescoping Push Poles?

The outer pole is sealed at the spike end and the lock end only has a tiny gap for air to pass. If used with the duck foot down to the bottom (the way it’s designed to be used) water will never get inside or between the two poles. If using the push pole as a […]

Push Pole or Shallow Water Anchor Pin- Which to buy?

First, thank you for considering buying our products. Our push poles and shallow water anchors are proudly made in the USA by US citizens with components that are made in the USA! The shallow water anchor pin is specifically an anchor. The 5/8″ is more suitable for a smaller jon boat, flats boat or shallow water skiff […]

Push Pole Lock Adjustment

The locking mechanism is pre adjusted at our factory, but we’re not perfect. Also, it’s possible that over an extended period of time a slight adjustment may be necessary. If so, push the lever all the way forward to the “open position” and use a screwdriver to ever-so-slightly turn the screw in the counterclockwise direction […]

Choosing the Best Push Pole for a Kayak

We sell a lot of push poles to kayak anglers. Most of them prefer the 6-12 push pole, but there are some cases where the 9-17 will be more suitable for certain anglers.    If you are looking ​for a push pole to specifically fish the flats your better choice would probably be the longer […]

Do Superstick Telescoping Push Poles Float?

Our push poles have some float-ability, but there are some factors that can affect their ability to float. Float-ability increases the more the pole is extended. Always store your Superstick Push Pole so the duck foot is somewhat facing downward. This will eliminate any water from possibly draining past the lock and between the two […]

Installing Shallow Water Anchor Mounting Clips

For many years of use your shallow water anchor should not be stored in direct sunlight. Clip the shallow water anchor mounting clips to the anchor (one clip close to each end will provide the most secure storage) and position the anchor pin in various places to find the most suitable location on the boat or kayak. When you find […]

Installing Push Pole Mounting Brackets

For many years of use your push pole should not be stored in direct sunlight. Also, we recommend the push pole be stored in the fully retracted position. Clip the push pole mounting brackets to the push pole (one clip close to each end will provide the most secure storage) and position the push pole […]

Choosing the Best Push Pole for a Boat

Choosing The Best Push Pole Today, it has become more and more common to see a push pole on a non-poling boat. Fishermen, duck hunters, boaters, kayakers, even stand-up paddle boarders all over the world are beginning to see the benefits of having a push pole at their disposal, even if they’re not a hardcore […]

Buying a Flats Boat? Think about this…

Buying a Flats Boat? Think About This Ok, so you are in the market and considering buying a flats boat… what? Buying a flats boat can be a confusing dilemma giving the choice of what’s out there today, boats come in all shapes and sizes all claiming to offer everything you need. The main things […]