Telescopic Push Poles and Anchor Poles

About Superstick® Push Poles and Anchor Pins

We introduced the patented Telescopic Fiberglass Superstick® Push Pole in January 2009 and have revolutionized push poles forever with its multipurpose features. Superstick® push poles have as much versatility as a Swiss Army Knife®.  In addition, we manufacture fiberglass Shallow Water Anchor Pins.

An interesting fact:

Did you know that Kevin VanDam (KVD) has owned a 6-12 Superstick® push pole since 2009? He has 5 first-place finishes (including 2 Bassmaster Classic wins, in a row) with a Superstick® on his boat! Kevin says “My Superstick push pole is one of the most useful tools in my boat. I never go fishing without it. You never know if there’s a bedding fish you want to sneak up on or a log you need to maneuver around the next bend.” Yes, freshwater bass fishermen use push poles too!

KVD loved his Superstick® so much he contacted us to develop a KVD Signature Series. We are excited to say they are now available for sale, exclusively in Bass Pro Shops!


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