Push Pole Attachment-Universal

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This Push Pole Attachment is made of durable, rugged polypropylene. This attachment comes with the purchase of a Superstick Push Pole.

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Push Pole Attachment by Superstick®

  • This Universal Push Pole Attachment is made of a durable, rugged polypropylene
  • Can be attached to your Superstick® Push Pole and removed with the press of a button
  • Fits Industrial Threaded Fittings / Boat Brushes
  • Great attachment for conical type Flounder Gigs (see image)
  • Comes with purchase of Superstick® Push Pole

This Push Pole Attachment is custom designed and will only fit Superstick® push poles. It is industrial threaded which allows accessories to be screwed onto it for many applications making the Superstick® Push Pole even more useful. We recently had a customer use it to attach to a lightbulb changing attachment. He said that’s how he tricked his wife into letting him buy the push pole!


Additional Information:

This product only fits Superstick’s® Push Pole and is not compatible with Superstick’s® Shallow Water Anchor Pin

Weight: 3oz.

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Adding a Flounder Gig or Frog Gig to your Push Pole Attachment:

When using the Push Pole Attachment with a conical flounder gig, like B&M, make sure to drill pilot holes before fastening with screws. (The pilot hole should be just slightly smaller than the screw threads. Be careful not to break the head off of the screws as there is an aluminum shaft inside the Universal Attachment.)