Can Water Get Between The Telescoping Push Poles?

The outer pole is sealed at the spike end and the lock end only has a tiny gap for air to pass. If used with the duck foot down to the bottom (the way it’s designed to be used) water will never get inside or between the two poles. If using the push pole as a shallow water anchor pin, it must be used in the fully retracted position. If you’re in deeper water and use it as an anchor, keep the lock above the waterline to prevent any water seeping inside. If the pole is stored uncovered for an extended period of time with the duck foot elevated above the spike end, rainwater could possibly trickle between the two poles, but it shouldn’t be much. If water ever gets between the two poles, release the lock all the way, collapse/retract the pole enough so that when the foot is between your feet you can reach the outer pole and slowly pull it down to the completely retracted position. This will force and amount of water out around the lock.

Keep these things in mind and I believe you’ll absolutely love your Superstick telescoping push pole!