Installing Push Pole Mounting Brackets

For many years of use your push pole should not be stored in direct sunlight. Also, we recommend the push pole be stored in the fully retracted position. Clip the push pole mounting brackets to the push pole (one clip close to each end will provide the most secure storage) and position the push pole in various places to find the most suitable location on the boat or kayak. When you find a good location, trace around the mounting brackets. Remove the clips from the push pole, position them over the traced areas and mark where a pilot hole should be drilled to attach the push pole mounting brackets. (The slight concave base allows the tension of the prongs to be adjusted by simply loosening or tightening the bracket to the mounting surface.)

If you can access the backside of the pilot hole, we recommend using a #8 or #10 pan head stainless steel screw and lock nut. If not, apply some type of silicone in the pilot hole and on the threads of a #8 or #10 stainless wood screw before screwing it in the boat or kayak. (That will help prevent the screw from backing out over time.) Stainless steel washers (used as spacers) can be added under the storage clips (with the screw passing through them), so you can tighten down on the screws, without applying too much tension to the prongs. Beware, it will make the push pole come out of the storage brackets easier. 

Whether you add the spacers or not, you should purchase double-sided Velcro® and mount it under each storage clip. You can do this by burning a hole in the Velcro®. This will allow you to quickly provide additional security while trailering or running to your next fishing location.