Shallow Water Anchor Pin


The Superstick® Shallow Water Anchor is Versatile and Tough. Each Anchor Pin is made of strong Aircraft-Grade Fiberglass Rod and is a must for shallow water anchoring in every boat. There is no better value on a shallow water anchor out there!

Shallow Water Anchor Kit Includes:

  • Shallow Water Anchor
  • Cinching Rope Lanyard
  • Rugged Storage Clips
*We only ship to the continental USA and are unable to sell to S.C. Residents. *S.C. Residents: Please purchase our products from one of our fine local dealers.


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Shallow Water Anchor by Superstick®

Need a Shallow Water Anchor Pin / Pole for a boat, kayak, or SUP stand up paddle board? Superstick offers the best and most affordable options. You can buy one here or at many of our dealers nationwide. Our products are proudly made in the USA with US materials.

  • >  One piece construction- 7 foot and 9 foot options available (add to cart for pricing)
  • >  Features the preferred T handle (makes driving in “staking-out” and removing anchor pin much easier)
  • >  Our unique T handle can be removed (stainless steel screw) and Shallow Water Anchor Pin can be customized/cut to desired fixed length, and handle reattached (See User Instructions Tab)
  • >  Our anchor pin is made of Aircraft Grade Fiberglass with an UV Inhibitor (just like our push pole products)
  • >  Aluminum Spike Tip minimizes splintering at the tip and doesn’t add weight
  • >  3/4″ and 5/8″ diameters available
  • >  3/4” (perfect as a Power-Pole Micro Anchor Micro Spike) is more suitable for a duck boat, flats boats, or bay boat up to 22 feet.
  • >  5/8″ is more suitable for a smaller jon boat, flats boat or shallow water skiff (under 17 ft), kayak, or stand up paddle board SUP.
  • >  (The smaller 5/8” diameter is easier to “stake” into the bottom than 3/4″ in sandy conditions)

Anchor Pin Kit Includes:

  • >   Shallow Water Anchor
  • >  Cinching Rope Lanyard (May be Blue or Black)
  • >  Rugged Shallow Water Mounting Clips (Click for Mounting Instructions)

Shallow Water anchor Pin Dimensions

Superstick 3/4- 9 ft: 106″. (Measurements may vary +- 1″)

Superstick 5/8- 7 ft: 83″. (Measurements may vary +- 1″)

A Shallow Water Anchor Pin is often referred to as a shallow water anchor, shallow water anchor pole, spud pole, cajun anchor, stake out pole, stake out stick, or spud pole

Check out our Push Poles for optimum performance in shallow water while sight fishing / flats fishing or duck hunting in your boat!

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User Instructions & Tips

Cinch lanyard loop to T handle. Hold T handle in one hand and upper part of rod in the other and drive the spike tip vertically into the bottom. Cleat or tie off.

T handle can be removed (stainless screw), and anchor pin can be cut to custom length and T-handle reattached
(Drill 9/64″ pilot hole, depth of 5/8″. Also, lubricate the screw threads with oil or grease to reduce friction and make it easier to tighten.)

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